Titiz, Serra

Ashoka Fellow Social Entrepreneur, Founder of Mikado Consulting, Turkey

Serra Titiz earned her undergraduate degree in Sociology from Boğaziçi University and graduate degree in Management from Aston Business School (Birmingham, UK).

Titiz has been working as a social entrepreneur in the field sustainable development since 2003. She founded Mikado Consulting as a non-profit organization in 2007 to merge social needs with entrepreneurship. The company's goal is to maximize social benefit in the intersection of education, NGO engagement and business rationality.

Titiz's flagship project "Gelecek Daha Net" encourages, enables and empowers youth to be selfdetermined individuals with the ability to make informed academic, career and life choices. These choices result in lower dropout rates from universities, decreased unemployment, fulfilled personal lives and a more productive economy and society overall. To achieve this, "Gelecek Daha Net" combines on and offline counseling, mentoring, coaching and skills development while involving hundreds of role models, organizations and companies as voluntary contributors.

Titiz works in UNDP projects as a senior expert, and was chosen an Eisenhower Fellow in 2012 and an Ashoka Fellow in 2013. She is in the Executive Board of INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme and the Advisory Board of Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey.