Telli Yamamoto, Gonca

Founder of Distance Education Center at Okan University, Turkey

Prof. Gonca Telli Yamamoto is a professor of marketing in Turkey. She was formerly the founder and director of the Social Sciences Institute, Business Administration Department and Distance Education Center at Okan University. She has been teaching, consulting and conducting research on mobile and integrated marketing, and new learning technologies in business for more than a decade in the academic field. Recently she has been giving e-marketing and CRM classes at Marmara University MIS program. Her minor is Technology Management. She is also interested in broader implications associated with the emerging information society. She has written more than 100 articles and more than 10 books and other academic works, in sales, integrated marketing, mobile marketing, IT Ethics and E-learning published in several journals and publishing companies. She has also received two outstanding paper awards from the International Academy of E- Business and the best paper award from Association for Global Business Conference. She is also the one of the organisers of Mobile Learning workshops and Mobile Life & Applications Conferences in Turkey. She has also completed some national and international projects as a partner, project manager and /or member. She has been working as a member of ad hoc committees (SME's and Entrepreneurship) of Turkish Ministry of Development. She has worked as a coordinator of FATÄ°H ("Movement of Enhancing Opportunities and Improving Technology") Project of Okan University between 2012-2014.