Süel, Hasan

President, Vodafone Foundation Turkey; External Affairs Director, Vodafone Turkey

Hasan Süel worked as a Corporate Affairs and Communication Director for JTI International between the years 2005-2009.

He worked as a Regulatory Affairs Manager for Aria between 2001-2004 and as the Department Head responsible for the Telecommunications Industry in the Prime Ministry Privatization Administration between 1993-2001.

Hasan Süel got a bachelor's degree in Engineering from the Middle East Technical University, an MBA from the Bilkent University and a Doctorate in Business Administration from the Ankara University - Faculty of Political Sciences.

He has also worked as a part-time professor giving lessons on Telecommunications Policy in Istanbul Bilgi University and Bilkent University and has academic experience in this area. He has been chairman of Vodafone Turkey Foundation since 2010. He is married with a child.