Sayek Böke, Selin

Associate Professor of Economics, Department Chair, Bilkent University

Selin Sayek Böke graduated from the economics department of Ankara's Middle East Technical University in 1993. She got her M.A. and Ph.D from Duke University. In 1999 she worked as a short term consultant in the World Bank's Eastern and Central Asia Department. Between 1999 and 2001 she worked as an assistant professor of Economics at Bentley College's economics department. In 2001 Böke started to work as an economist in the International Monetary Fund. In 2003, upon her return to Turkey, she became part of the academic staff of Ankara's Bilkent University. In the fall of the same year she worked as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University's Public Policy Institute. She became the chair of the economics department at Bilkent University in 2011 and continued to hold that title until she joined the CHP where she is Deputy Chair in charge of Economic Policy. Böke has authored and co-authored several publications on many economic issues, including foreign direct investment.