Ru, Tan Yan


Yan Ru attending the Raffles Girl's School (Secondary) for three years and then to the Junior College at the Raffles Institute. During her time at the secondary school, she was especially interested in English Drama and acted as secretary providing effective assistance to the teachers in administrative matters. During her time at Junior College, Yan Ru was a member of the Raffles Chorale, playing an integral role in numerous events including the biannual chorale concert and served as a group leader for the CCA Camp to ensure that the event ran smoothly. She was a Raffles Bicultural Scholarship recipient in 2013 when she led a group of 20 students on a two week cultural immersion programme to China, providing dependable and approachable leadership to the students.

Yan Ru is very interested in volunteering having engaged with the public, hearing their concerns and assisting them by drafting letters to government boards on their behalf. She is a member of the Toastmasters Joo Chiat Culture, having presented a compelling and confident speeches to the club.

Yan Ru also has a knack for baking treats to satisfy her sweet tooth, and plans to study law in university. The conference is Istanbul will be her first time travelling to the Middle East, and she couldn't be more excited!