Pritchard, Victoria

University of Law, Chester, UK

Victoria Pritchard, 37, is Founder President of SI Chester, chartered in February 2015 with 17 Founder Members. Victoria lives in Chester, an historic city in the UK that was founded by the Romans. Victoria is a Chartered Human Resources professional, and currently works for The University of Law, with a focus on business process improvement. Victoria first became a Soroptimist in 2003, as a member of SI Nantwich. After a break in membership, she joined SI Ellesmere Port in 2010. Victoria, with another member of SI Ellesmere Port, Anne MacDonald, led on the creation of the new Club in Chester taking advantage of all the opportunities a 'clean slate' allows. Victoria is passionate about SI's goals to enable, educate and empower women and girls, and believes that in order for us to be remain relevant in this connected internet age, we need to be quicker to adopt new technology as well as more flexible and responsive to new ideas in order to fulfil our mission and bring younger women into SI.