Pitoi, Rose Lakoro

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Rose is a twenty two and for the last three years has been working as a Supervisor/Teacher at the World Changers Christain School in 6 Mile. She relates that she had learnt a lot from having these responsibilities, especially she has learnt to appreciate what it means to be patient, to be clear and precise in explaining things to children. She feels that she has carried out all of her responsibilities to the best of her ability. Feedback from the parents has been very positive as they have appreciated seeing their children grow and develop through her efforts.

Rose is an accomplished guitarist and singer, regularly singing with her my parents and siblings in church. She is a computer and technology enthusiast, loves reading novels and biographies. As an outgoing person with a good sense of humour and always willing to try out new exciting things, Rose is an animal lover, especially of dogs. More recently, she participated in and won a speech competition organised by Soroptimist International, Port Moresby and also won the National competition in Lae.

Rose remarks that given the type of society in her country, she is an aspiring women's rights activist. She feels that it necessary for her to make a stand on the unfairness towards women and girls in her country and the world as a whole.