Noyan, Nazlı Eda

Director, -A Cup of Turkish Coffee-, Turkey

Born in Izmir, in 1974, Noyan earned her BA and MFA degrees in graphic design on scholarship from Dokuz Eylül University, Bilkent University and University of Florida. Her master thesis topics include posters of Turkish melodrama and graphic design for social good. She worked as an intern designer in UNICEF, Ghana, and received her PhD degree from Istanbul Technical University with her thesis on film title design in Turkish cinema. She's an Assoc. Prof. and the chair of Photography and Video Department, in Faculty of Communications Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul. She has been working as a freelance illustrator, designer, editor and writer in various magazines and books. Her artistic and design background consists of diverse form and content with an emphasis to social issues in urban life and the explorations of interactive graphic mediums. Her work also consists of solo exhibitions, children's books and award winning animations and videos screened worldwide. In the recent years, her main body of work has moved from socially charged projects to very personal ones. She continues art and design works in different mediums and film projects in Istanbul. She has a daughter and another one on the way.