Moroğlu, Nazan

Lecturer on Women's Rights at Yeditepe University, Turkey

Born in İstanbul in 1947, Nazan Moroğlu graduated from Istanbul German College and Law Faculty of Istanbul University. Specializing in gender law and earning her master degree with the thesis "Surname of the Woman", she became the first gender law expert in Turkey, teaching "gender law" and family law in Istanbul University and, since 2001, in Yeditepe University Law Faculty.

Her publications as a prominent legal scholar include "First Decade in Women's Studies"; "Property Regimes amoung the Spouses according the new Turkish Civil Code"; "Family Courts in Turkey"; "CEDAW and the Optional Protocol"; "Children's Rights in Turkey and in the World"; "Women and Poverty"; "Stop Violence Against Women"; "Women's role in achieving a Sustainable Future: Education, Urbanization, Violence and Human Rights – IFUW 31st Triennial Conference" and "Child Brides".

She is the founder of the Women's Rights Commission of Turkish Bar Associations Union (TÜBAKKOM). She is the Coordinator of the Union of Istanbul Women's Organizations (IKKB). She was a member of the Turkish Parliamentary Union Advisory Committee on Gender Equality and member of the Women's Initiative for Turkey in the EU. She is a founding member of the European Women Lawyers Association (EWLA) and was executive member of the Board of Istanbul Bar Association (2004-2006). She has also served as the President of Turkish University Women Association (2010 – 2014 and is a delegate in Turkish Bar Association Union for the quadrennium 2012 -2016). Nazan Moroğlu is married and has a son and a daughter.