Liberman, Judith Malika

Storyteller, Writer, Art Therapist and Trainer

Liberman is one of the initiator of the storytelling revival in Turkey. Having been trained as a storyteller at the conservatory of Paris a program directed by Giles Bizouernes, one of the most respected storytellers in France, and attended specialisation trainings at the conservatory for oral literature (CLIO) in Vendome, she organizes storytelling nights for children and adults, and in collaboration with UNESCO and universities trains new generation of Anatolian storytellers. She developed her own conceptual approach to storytelling by merging theater, modern clowning, improvisation, psychophony. She organizes workshops and talks on the healing power of stories, and provides training in collaboration with Gazi University. Every week on her radio program she discusses the power of stories with her guests and tells her version of traditional tales. She acted in the film "Bir Varmis Bir Yokmus" and has published a book of stories and healing practices called "Story Therapy". Judith believes that if we can change the stories the world hears, we can change the world