Hülya, Bedriye

Founder of b-fit; Entrepreneur of the Year (2013) by Schwab Foundation, Turkey

Bedriye Hülya, founder of "b-fit Sports and Life Center for Women", has enabled hundreds of women to own b-fit franchises and thus become entrepreneurs in their own right. Full of energy and passion for her business, Hülya plans to expand throughout Turkey with the ultimate goal of having one b-fit gym in every Turkish neighbourhood. In a region often characterized by conservatism, Hülya is giving women a chance to work and workout. She is a source of inspiration for every woman to walk through b-fit's doors. She speaks at universities and works with multiple Women's Entrepreneurship Associations. Through her conception of b-fit, Bedriye has enabled Turkish women to empower themselves, both in the workplace and the workout place.

Only franchising to women, today b-fit has reached more than 350.000 women with 200 branches in 51 cities of Turkey. After graduation from Izmir American High School, she completed her undergraduate and graduate education in Business and had her master's degree on Psychology.

She is an Endeavor Entrepreneur and Ashoka fellow. She was chosen the Social Entrepreneur by Schwab Foundation in 2013. She works actively for women's NGOs, mentors people who wants to start their own businesses, teaches at universities and speaks at conferences.