Hughes, Alana

Northern Ireland

Alana Hughes is eighteen years old and lives in Northern Ireland with her mother, father and little brother. For the past seven years Alana has attended her local comprehensive school, Lismore in Craigavon, County Armagh. She has just completed her A-Level examinations in History, English Literature and Religion and now eagerly awaits the results in the summer. Alana's ambition is to begin studying Law at Queen's University Belfast at the end of September, with a view to then obtaining a Masters in Human Rights before embarking on a career as a barrister specialising in human rights.

History has always been Alana's favourite subject, as she is a great believer that the past has a lot to teach us about the future. Her hope is that she will make a difference in many peoples' lives, though the promotion of justice, equality and freedom. In June, she will tour Berlin as a violinist in the 'South Ulster Youth Orchestra' and more recently has completed a week of volunteering for the 'Michaela Foundation'. She was a leader at the summer camp for girls focusing on confidence building and selfbelief.

Alana's hobbies revolve around her love for meeting new people and exploring new places. She is so delighted to be going to Istanbul to be an ambassador for Northern Ireland. On learning that she was selected to represent Northern Ireland, Alana said it will be a huge privilege and honour and that she looks forward to embracing the opportunity.