Diker, Seda

Clinical Hypnotist, Guided Meditation Expert, Member of American National Guild of Hypnotists, Writer, Turkey

After the infertility treatments that she underwent didn't bear any positive results, Diker turned to energy healing, guided meditation and hypnotic therapies. During the process, she came to realize that an ability to reach a state characterized by both spiritual and emotional equilibrium was as crucial as medical treatment. After one year following the seventh in-vitro fertilization treatment, she succeeded in conceiving.

Subsequent to getting out of the rut in which she found herself stuck for so many years, Diker attended training sessions on meditation and energy healing in Istanbul. Afterwards, she moved to Brussels and conducted guided mediation therapies for 2 years with women in similar conditions. Then, she moved to New York.

In order to obtain a license in New York, she took hypnotherapy classes and participated in Clinical Hypnosis Training Program. As a member of American National Guild of Hypnotists, Diker reached out to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and worked on pain control, stress management and improving sleep quality while conducting meditation and relaxation sessions during chemotherapy.

She also led workshops as well as individual and group sessions for women in infertility treatments. She returned to Istanbul in 2006 and opened her practice, "Lotus Women."

Seda Diker, who has worked on 18000 relationships and attained an impressive success rate of 85%, is a graduate of Istanbul American Robert College and Bogazici University's Department of Economy. She lives in Istanbul with her husband and son.

Diker's bestselling books are:

Looking for Me (2009), No Men Abandons Without Reason (2011), No Break-Up (2012), Satisfaction (2013), Alchemy of Emotions (2014).

She also has a DVD seminar called "Forbidden Apple: A Sexual Teaching."