Betil, İbrahim

Founder of Community Volunteers Foundation, Turkey

İbrahim Betil presided, chaired and founded several industrial and financial companies, commercial banks in and outside of Turkey for 25 years (1970-1994). Simultaneously, and especially after 1994, he has been closely involved in educational life and civil society activities in Turkey. He has initiated the establishment of and chaired several foundations and schools, lectured in universities, produced radio and TV programs, has been a columnist in several newspapers and periodicals, and author of a bestseller book. He has served as the Europe, Middle East and Africa region advisor and member of the Board of Governors of the International Baccalaureate Organization.

He is currently involved with several civil society organizations. He is the chair of the ASHOKA Turkey Foundation, which supports social entrepreneurs. He is a board member at TOG (Community Volunteers Foundation), an active youth empowerment organization at universities. He is the founder of and chairs the K-12 ENKA school for earthquake survivors in Adapazarı/Turkey. He is also among the founders of and a member of the board of ÖRAV (Teachers'Academy Foundation), which provides professional development seminars for public school teachers. He is a Member of the Audit Committee of the Neighborhood Disaster Support Project. He Chairs SEN-DE-GEL, Association for Support for Sustainable Improvement in Social and Economic living of the least developed countries and is a Board Member of ALIKEV (Ali Ismail Korkmaz Foundation). Beyond his support for civil society initiatives, in his professional life, Betil continues to sit on the boards of several industrial and financial companies.