Ararat, Melsa

Director of Sabanc─▒ University Corporate Governance Forum , Turkey

Melsa is the founding director of the Corporate Governance Forum of Turkey at Sabanci University and professor of Management at Sabanci University's School of Management. Before returning back to academia in 2001, Melsa had an international corporate career with the Philips Group in the Asia Pacific, Japan and Belgium.

Melsa coordinates IFC supported Emerging Markets Corporate Governance Research Network, edits its quarterly research bulletin and sits in the organizing committee of the International Conference Series on Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets. She has been elected to the board of governors of ICGN (international Corporate Governance Network) in 2015. The Carbon Disclosure Project's (CDP) Turkey operation was also launched under her stewardship in 2009. She is a co-founder of Global Board Ready Women Project and the founder of the Independent Women Directors Program in Turkey.

Melsa authored Sustainable Investing in Turkey (2010) and Sustainable Investing in Key Emerging Markets (2011) for IFC and was instrumental in the launch of Borsa Istanbul Sustainability Index in 2014. She leads the local assessment team.

Melsa is quoted by Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Economist, and Reuters and frequently by the daily papers in Turkey. She holds a BSc degree in Chemical Engineering, a MSc degree in Thermodynamics and Phd in Management and Strategy.